Dangers of Entanglement

Been writing and editing so much lately. Just put out the beginning of my new science fiction novel, “Dangers of Entanglement.” Check it out on Wattpad and Medium. Stay tuned for more chapters to come…

Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/matthewthescribe

Medium Chapter 1: https://link.medium.com/Lt6DZeSHaib

Medium Chapter 2: https://link.medium.com/I0NfhcUHaib

Download for Free!!!

I want to improve as a writer. Please download my book for free, read it and leave a review. What works and what doesn’t?

Check out “Mary Jane’s MagnifiCat” on Amazon Kindle!

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Last Minute Artist’s Date

Fire and water are inherent opposites and it is just this which causes rebirth. ~Carl Jung

Have you been on an Artist Date recently? If so, please share! It’s that time of year to enjoy all that Mother Nature holds.

The App Fix

What happens when a gambler falls for the leader of a risqué chat room? Nothing is as it seems in this grift. Will Chip escape unscathed?

Check out Matthew Richards new short story on Wattpad.


Reviewer’s Exist

I love to hear a reader’s thoughts on my work. Just met an Amazon reviewer in person. Thanks Mike!

Have you met one of your reviewers in person? Would enjoy hearing your experiences meeting someone that truly enjoyed your work.