Artist’s Date

What better way to date your inner artist than under the cherry blossoms on a beautiful Spring day?!? Free your spirit and let your mind roam.

I enjoy dating my inner artist at least once a week. Time to myself away from the office, family, and the regular stressors of life. Where do you enjoy going on your Artist’s Dates? How do you get your creativity flowing?

Mary Jane’s MagnifiCat

My novel is LIVE on Amazon Kindle. It is a Crime Noir Fiction. Click the link to check it out!


Sam Tucker is at it again.

This time, he was fired for smoking on the job at his sweet pot store gig, and he owes a local thug a chunk of change he doesn’t have.

What’s his answer? Double down on danger.

With his best friend, Bill, Sam takes matters into his own hands and rips off his old boss, but unwittingly he sets off a chain of events that will force Sam to confront his past and wake up out of his haze.

Below the surface of Main Street lies the underworld of druggies, bookies, dirty cops, smugglers and violent goons. There’s even a psycho hacker with a personal vendetta and a cryptocurrency money laundering scheme.

Sam and Bill are a couple of happy-go-lucky stoners who love to sit around the bar and chat about baseball.

Will they hang on to the prize and crack the codes? Will they survive?